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"Charting a course for our future"

Brookline by Design is a group of Brookline residents seeking greater community oversight over Brookline’s most significant asset – its built environment.  We are calling on the Town to improve its land use planning and its regulation of growth and development, to ensure the future well-being of the Town and its inhabitants.


We are advocating for a comprehensive and inclusive community planning process that takes into account the long-range impacts of possible land-use scenarios on the Town’s character, infrastructure, quality of life, commercial vitality, sustainability, housing affordability and historic assets. This planning process is an inherently necessary first step to charting a course for our future. 


We seek to encourage civic engagement of all stakeholders in neighborhood-based planning to implement the shared goals and values articulated through the community planning process. It’s at the neighborhood level where context and compatibility can best be identified. 


We also support modernizing Brookline’s antiquated land-use regulations to incorporate progressive regulatory tools and techniques that promote new growth and development that is both predictable and appropriate. 

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