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Brookline is at a crossroads. On Tuesday, May 3rd, nearly all Town Meeting seats are up for election due to the census-driven redistricting. Your vote has never mattered more to Brookline’s future.

Brookline is facing very real pressure from the State, from private developers, and from many Town Meeting members to rapidly increase density. Growth is inevitable and exciting, but whether it benefits the community depends entirely on who is in Town Meeting. In the absence of community-based planning, growth will benefit only the developers, without corresponding benefits to the Town. This puts Brookline at risk of
losing its human-scaled neighborhoods, walkable streetscapes, and valued open space
in favor of luxury development and at the cost of affordability.

You can determine the course of Brookline’s future by voting on Tuesday, May 3rd, for the Town Meeting candidates recommended by Brookline by Design. Brookline by Design is a diverse and broad-based coalition of leaders and community members unified around the Town’s need for a comprehensive plan to guide development. We believe growth in Brookline should unfold according to a deliberate community vision. Recent single-issue zoning proposals in Town Meeting have not been based on holistic planning goals, with concerning results that are already visible throughout the Town.

We as a community can do better.

Brookline by Design urges you to vote for the Town Meeting candidates listed here. These candidates are thoughtful, intentional and independent, and will help navigate us through this period of growth. Please vote with Brookline by Design on May 3rd, a Town election that will determine Brookline’s future for generations to come.

Let’s Make a Plan.

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