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Will you help shape Brookline's future?



Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Brookline is at a critical juncture and our goal of community-driven planning is more important than ever. As one of our endorsed candidates pointed out; “All of us have a stake in the future of Brookline and all of us deserve to be informed and heard”.

But there are those who don’t want you to have a say. Due to the passage of the MBTA Communities Act by the state legislature, Town Meeting is under pressure to pass very significant zoning changes that will expand development (initially on Harvard St.), without the benefit of broad-based community input. These zoning proposals are being made in a top-down manner, without regard to the impacts on abutters, the loss of our local businesses, or the delivery of basic Town services, facilities or infrastructure. We support finding alternative options for meeting the MBTA-CA requirements, and to that end, we are seeking to endorse candidates who will address the goals of the Act in a more inclusive and thoughtful way.

On Tuesday, May 2nd, two Select Board positions and a third of Town Meeting seats are on the ballot. Securing the election of thoughtful representation has never mattered more to Brookline’s future.

Brookline by Design has consistently advocated for informed land-use decision-making based on a community-driven comprehensive planning process, and, with your help, we have made significant progress towards that goal. In June of this year the Town will issue a Request for Proposals for a comprehensive planning process set to start this September. However, this planning process is being undermined by the push to leapfrog the community process and rush through significant increases in residential density without adequate engagement, understanding or foresight.

Who will decide what Brookline will become: developers or the community?

Will YOU help shape Brookline’s future?

Vote Brookline by Design on Tuesday, May 2nd, for the Select Board and Town Meeting candidates endorsed by Brookline by Design.


Your friends and neighbors at Brookline by Design

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