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WBUR Radio Boston piece on Brookline's May 7th local election

On May 1st, 2024 Brookline by Design's Chairperson, Linda Olson Pehlke participated in an interview along with Amanda Zimmerman, Chair of Brookline for Everyone, with Tiziana Dearing hosting on Radio Boston.  To begin the story, a taped interview with' Sam Mintz describes some of the candidates for Town Meeting and their motivation for running.

As has been the case broadly, throughout the MBTA-CA era, the media seeks to simplify land use issues and heighten any conflicts. The media assumes a pre-conceived narrative of YIMBY's vs. NIMBY's.  But this false dichotomy hides the real issues around needing to understand development impacts, planning for necessary investments and the value and import of deep community engagement and dialogue.  As Linda explains, it's just not so simple.

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