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Brookline by Design and Yes in Brookline Coalition Come to Agreement

Updated: Mar 18

Brookline, Massachusetts, October 20, 2023

Yes in Brookline and Brookline by Design represent two of the primary advocacy groups engaged in conversations related to Brookline’s land use and zoning considerations for the upcoming Town

Meeting. With the help of Select Board Member Paul Warren, we have come to agreement on a set of amendments that, if adopted, would allow both organizations to recommend favorable action on the amended version of the Select Board’s Warrant Article 1 of Special Town Meeting 4.

Yes in Brookline and Brookline by Design also want to commend the Brookline Planning Department, particularly Director Kara Brewton and Senior Regulatory Planner Maria Morelli, as well as Town Administrator Charles Carey for their assistance in these negotiations and acknowledge their significant contributions to STM4–WA1.

As amended, STM4–WA1 creates additional housing opportunities at a range of income levels,

supports commerce along our main street corridor, and presents us with an important opportunity to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

“The combination of features is great,” said Al Raine, Yes in Brookline Strategy Team, former

Secretary of Economic Development for the Commonwealth and a 44-year resident of the Harvard Street corridor. “Form-based codes, ground-floor commercial incentives, and opportunities to build more housing will support and enhance our main commercial district.”

"With these changes we believe that the Harvard St. proposal will better achieve its stated goals,

namely retain existing moderately priced housing, maintain character-defining architecture, protect a variety of commercial spaces, and afford abutters greater setbacks, all the while allowing for new development opportunities" said Linda Olson Pehlke, M.U.P. and Chair of Brookline by Design.

Brookline by Design and Yes in Brookline also look forward to incorporating innovations in this

Warrant Article in Brookline’s upcoming Comprehensive Plan.

Yes in Brookline and Brookline by Design are pleased to have come to agreement on this

proposed version of Special Town Meeting 4 Warrant Article 1 and recommend our colleagues

in Town Meeting vote in favor of the amended Article as written.

Press contact Yes in Brookline: Katha Seidman

Press contact Brookline by Design: Linda Olson Pehlke

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