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Comprehensive Plan Contract Approved - March 19, 2024

On  March 19, 2024 the Brookline Select Board approved a contract with Agency Landscape + Planning and their team of sub-consultants for development of a Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Brookline. As defined by the American Planning Association, planning  is “a process that seeks to engage all members of the community to create a more prosperous, convenient, equitable, healthy, and attractive place for present and future generations.”

This moment is both the culmination of years of advocacy and the beginning of a two-year process of exploration, dialogue, fact finding, goal setting, and visioning for the Town of Brookline.

Brookline by Design has been instrumental in bringing this about, taking actions such as sponsoring a resolution at Town Meeting that urged the Select Board to pursue this project, circulating a petition to residents of the Town to join in the call for a Comp Plan, making budget requests to fund the comprehensive planning process, and chairing the committee that crafted the Town's planning process.

For a sneak peek into what the comp planning process will entail, take a look at the project proposal as approved here.

Excerpt Agency Comp Plan
Download PDF • 9.71MB

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